why name “singularity” ?

There are many reasons behind this particular name. The main reason is the word singularity contains my name “sing”, other reasons lie in the meanings of singularity:

In astrophysics

a hypothetical region in space in which gravitational forces cause matter to be infinitely compressed and space and time to become infinitely distorted.

In mathematics

a point at which a complex function is undefined because it is neither differentiable nor single-valued while the function is defined in every neighborhood of the point

And in general

singularity = something that is unique, distinctive, or remarkable or a distinguishing trait.

In short this is a small attempt to tell you about my views.

what is it all about?

I migrated from blogger (blogspot.com) to wordpress just because I wanted to put all the information under one address, technical as well as general. Since this was not possible on blogspot.com I migrated here. Previous blog is hosted here:


Here I will be talking about both general as well as technical stuff and the categories are going to solve my problem. Additional advantage of migration is that I can add pages to this blog and put some static information in them. But I am not going to terminate my present website:


You can visit it if you want to waste some more time.

I hate daily stuff until it is different and adventurous, therefore you will not find that kind of stuff here. And also I do not like anything which has no background or has a stupid explanation.

basic changes:

Previously my blog name was “Chirp” now it is “singularity” and another major change is my posting name from “pinyana” to “sing”. Sing is logical as well as important since I want to carry it in the future too.