Windows 7: First Look

Installed the pre-beta release of windows 7 (Build 6956) yesterday and it didn’t surprise me as Vista (or Longhorn) did two years back. Windows 7 (code name Vienna) borrows a lot from Vista, its interface is similar to Vista. There are a few new features which are actually an improvement of existing features in Vista.

Here are a few screenshots:

MS Paint has a new look, also start-up panel has got a new functionality, it displays all the recent files opened by a program. Squared programs are the new addition into windows Accessories.

Window-flip of Vista is absent in W7, but new feature of displaying all the similar programs in a tab bar is better than Window-flip, you can close a window without switching to it.

This is the next release of windows media player i.e. version 12, there are a few minor enhancement but overall it looks same as version 11, which is what we use.