RESTful or RESTless

At first glance implementation of REST (REpresentational State Transfer) looks very simple and easy. When I created my first RESTful webservice, I was like WOW!! You can do so much with such a little effort. jMaki framework makes REST even more powerful. But what about big stuff? creating enterprise Webservices demands more than just the simplicity.

In enterprise world we have everything defined in various Business Processes, which require more than one resource for successful completion of a particular business process. When we say more than one resource, orchestration and choreography jumps into the picture and makes the business process execution more complex.

BPEL is the rescue, it is way ahead from the existing WSCI and BPML in terms of adapting new standards and eliminating the old ones. However BPEL heavily depends on the traditional way of implementing the webservices: WSDL and SOAP webservices. So no BPEL for REST, means no choreography or orchestration in case of REST(?)

At present there are many projects which are working in this direction: Apache ODE, BPEL Light. We are still at least one year away from a complete enterprise REST implementation.


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